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BES Beautification Committee


Beautiful landscaping and clean facilities push students in the right direction by giving them a wonderful space to work and grow in. Along with encouraging students to be more involved in their school day, beautification teaches students how to be more respectful of the environment and to clean up after themselves.

  • 1. Physical Surroundings
    The most visible results of school beautification projects are the changes to the physical surroundings. Removing graffiti from walls, picking up litter and garbage and even planting new trees and flowers will help to create a clean and attractive learning environment. Physical changes inside the school could include adapting the classrooms and common areas by painting murals or encouraging the students to decorate the outside of the lockers.
  • 2. Educational and Academic
    Beautification projects provide a unique and relevant teaching opportunity. The educational objectives of such projects could be that children learn about the history of the school and surrounding area, or that they make signs about the plants that they add to the school grounds. They could learn about the biodiversity of the school grounds or the correct way to apply paint for the murals. Tying the beautification project into the school's academic curriculum enhances the children's learning
  • 3. Personal Development
    There are many opportunities for personal development of the students within these projects. One objective is to have the students play leadership roles and take responsibility in the planning and conduct of the beautification project. Participating in the project can instill a sense of pride and ownership for the school in the students. Working with peers and being involved in group decision-making also provide personal development opportunities.
  • 4. Environmental Awareness
    Any changes to the school, whether to the physical buildings or to the grounds, allow the children to develop a heightened awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the school community. Discussion of how the area came to be this way, whether by neglect, pollution or disrespect for property, will illustrate the effects of people on the environment. Developing solutions to improve the area and to keep it from regressing can create a sense of responsibility in the students and a desire to preserve the changes. Identifying the immediate natural environment and its characteristics as they plant trees, flowers and shrubs will connect the students directly to the earth.
  • 5. Community Involvement
    Building community relationships is an important objective, which will last beyond the beautification project. Involve a variety of people in the project, starting with the school community of teachers, students and support staff, and moving outward to parents. Local businesses may donate supplies and local organizations, such as senior homes or the Girl Guides, may offer to help. Developing a community sense of pride and ownership, and contributing to the improvement of the local environment, will establish lasting ties in the community.

Our Objectives


Beautification Projects

We need volunteers to support the following projects. Additionally we are looking for project leads who will provide oversight and partner with the Committee leads to ensure direction and resources are made available where need. We want to bring your vision to life in these efforts. Please consider volunteering.

Clean-up Day (Quarterly)

Project Lead:

Organize and manage monthly track pick-up and grounds upkeep

Courtyard Garden

Project Lead:

Organize and coordinate school garden(s) to use as an teaching and academic opportunity for BES students and staff

  • Raised Beds donation enroute

Educational Grants and Programs

Project Lead:

We woul

Lawn Care Maintenance

Project Lead: Shannon Gueringer

Coordinate and manage lawn maintenance with James Creek Landscaping

Lawn care Enhancements

Project Lead:

We would like to initiate educational opportunities for students to plant trees, flowers and enhance the exterior of BES.


Project Lead:


Courtyard Beautification

Project Lead: Bela Desai

Refurbish and renew school courtyards. Could potentially include a garden, ponds, or outdoor ecosystem

Blacktop/multi-purpose area

Project Lead:

We would like to create a multi-purpose space for the blacktop area near the school cafeteria. This area is currently being used by KAH and could potentially be a multi-purpose space for cafeteria/lunch. We are considering using rubber mulch in the grass area of this space

Food Recovery Program

Project Lead:

BES is partnered with MCPS and MANTA foods to collect and redistribute food

Indoor Beautification (murals/art)

Look for opportunities to incorporate beautification to the interior of BES. Specifically, in places like the bathrooms or walls. Potentially getting students to create Murals or Art exhibits in these spaces. Create contests and encourage environmental awareness and respect through student involvement.

Got an Idea?

Submit your idea to the Beautification Committee

Outdoor Mural

Mr. Ado is helping to coordinate school to commission” the student body for ideas and have the PTA/Staff vote on a winner

/Outdoor/Playground Mulch

Price doubled. Will coordinate a dedicated fundraising for this effort

Beautification Projects
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Beautification Committee Meeting - February 2022
Beautification Committee Meeting - February 2022
Feb 08, 2022, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Join the Beautification Committe

Please volunteer to be a part of our beautification team at BES. We are looking for folks who can help make the exterior and courtyard of our school as beautiful as the staff and children inside.

We are spending a lot of time outdoors these days, so let's make our school yard an amazing place for our Burtonsville children. Sign up to help make this happen. Committee members will lead the beautification efforts with the support of the PTA members and board.

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