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PTA programs are created to organize and support parent involvement in children’s education. Our programs are created with leading expert organizations on topics of importance to our members, at members’ requests.

PTA offers a means to develop strong family-school partnerships and involve the community. The process can be tailored to each school. PTA’s process for building successful partnerships and programs consists of three steps:

  • Raising awareness about the power of family and community involvement.

  • Taking action to cultivate involvement through specific programs and practices.

  • Celebrating success as your school sees increased involvement and its impact.


Star Polisher Award

Each year, the Burtonsville Elementary School PTA presents the "Star Polisher" award to a recipient who goes beyond the call of duty to enable students academically, socially, and emotionally. The program recognizes staff members and school volunteers who take that extra step in helping Burtonsville Elementary School and its students to succeed.

Destination Imagination (DI) is a non-profit organization who provides a project-based learning program to kids in K-12, and University level. Every year DI provides 7 different types of challenges for kids to choose from, ranging from Technical, Scientific Research, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Structure Engineering, and Service Learning projects. You can preview this year DI Challenges here >>

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